Rich The Kid: The World Is His

Words: Ayana Rashed

Images: Miguel Crespo

Forward: Jon Powell

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It wouldn’t shock me if Dimitri Roger — better known on this planet as Rich The Kid — was tired of proving his detractors wrong at this point. For the past six years (at least), the Atlanta-by-way-of-Queens star has been delivering quality music to his exponentially-growing fanbase. He’s launched his own label, Rich Forever, which has spawned the successes of Famous Dex and Jay Critch. His debut album, The World Is Yours, hit the number two spot on the Billboard 100 and has since earned a Gold certification. He’s about to have a child with one of the most beautiful women in the game. He’s gone through Rap beefs and dealt with real, highly-publicized conflicts on his way to the top — it’s only brightened his star even more. When he says he feels like “the hottest rapper in the f***ing world,” one only needs to check his history to see why he says that…there is no stopping the Kid, period.

As of this feature’s release, Rich The Kid’s new album — The World Is Yours 2 — has been liberated for mass-consumption. Fortunately, Ayana Rashed was able to catch up with him to speak on the new project, being young and successful, artists he would like to work with (which some may be surprised by), his label and more. Even as a man of few words, Rich The Kid makes his point loud and clear.

Rich The Kid, one of the coolest names in rap. Where did the name Rich the Kid come from?

Rich The Kid came from…I had my name as Black Boy. So then I changed my name to Rich The Kid.

You’re young, famous, rich and a CEO. Did you ever think your life would be this way?

Yup. I always knew, I wanted to work hard and be something big.

The World Is Yours 2, what does that title mean to you?

It means everything to me. I just want to show people that it’s possible and you can make it happen, if you put your mind to it. So the world is actually yours as long as you put your mind to it.

Who was your favorite artist to work with on the project?

One of my favorite artists to work with on the project was Miguel.

The World Is Yours 2 will be one of the best albums of 2019?

Yeah, sure!

What is a typical day in the life of Rich The Kid?

I work out, smoke a blunt, go talk to my kids, go to the studio and spend most of my time at the studio.

You seem like one of the more laid back rappers in the industry, have you always been that way? Even as a school kid?

Yeah, for-sure. I was always laid-back.

What was your first clock-in Job?


Who was your favorite rapper growing up?


Do you have a favorite song from Nas?

He’s like one of my favorites. So I like all his songs.

Your style is one of a kind, and you’re the same guy who stepped out to the American Music Awards in a Versace bathrobe and slippers, correct? Who were some of your style inspirations as a kid?

I didn’t wear what I wanted because I couldn’t afford it sometimes.

You participated in a few fashion shows during 2018. You attended Tom Ford & Jeremy Scott during NYFW, could we see more of that in 2019?

Yes, you can expect to see me at every fashion week. Fashion is apart of me. I love fashion.

Have you ever been compared to any artist in the younger generation. What makes your sound unique?

My style is unique because it’s my own sound from over the years. My sound is just me: the definition of rich and living the rich life.

You took a photo with Andre 3000 in 2018, what was that conversation like between the two of you?

He just told me to keep doing my thing and that he liked everything I was doing.

What is your dream collaboration in 2019?

J. Cole.

How did you get Kendrick Lamar on “New Freezer” ? What is some advice that K-dot gave you?

By mutual friends who introduced us and I played him some music and he wanted to get on one of the records which happened to be “New Freezer.” Advice he told me was to be just to be smart with everything that I do.

Jay-Z added your hit “Plug Walk” to his top songs of 2018 playlist on Tidal. When you found that out, how cool was that?

It was awesome. It’s a blessing to be apart of that. It’s a great feeling all-together.

Your artist Jay Critch dropped his debut album in 2018, you called him the hottest freshman rapper, why do you feel that’s true?

Because he does his own thing and he got the streets right now.

What new moves will be made for your Rich Forever label this year?

More singles, more albums, more money, more everything.

What does RESPECT mean to you?

Respect means everything. Everything starts around and goes around respect. You have to have respect within every situation at all times.