Respect In Peace.

A Photo Tribute to a Legend.

In Memory of TAKEOFF.

“A lot of older artists feel like they’ve got to look down on the young generation instead of saluting them and giving them a hand up, not even knowing that we look up to you. I feel like they should help instead of looking down on somebody.”  

Images: Trevor Sage-EL

RESPECT. Founder: Jonathan Rheingold

Interviewer: Adel Henderson

Story and Photos Copyright Musinart LLC

“I want to say when we went on our first overseas trip, our European tour. They just like us, it’s just a different country. They’re just die-hard, they know everything. They just give you the right love and treat you the way you are supposed to be treated.”

“You’ve got to do you. Stay in your lane, create your own lane and just go hard. Work. Just go hard 24/7 and don’t stop. Know your worth, and don’t be quick to do nothing. If you know you worth a couple million, you can’t go in there asking for two, three or four million off the top; you’ve got to prove it to them. You’ve got to work nonstop.”

RESPECT. Sends Our Deepest Condolences to the Family.